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Our inclusive environment is adaptable to meet the specific needs of each child in order to bring the child to reach their full potential. Our environment promotes equality, embraces diversity, and promotes identity and belonging .The child is at the heart of our specially prepared environment, where the environment is prepared around the child. Our environment acts as the building block and the materials within it are the tools.

There are a number of key areas within the environment, the environments warm nurturing and caring chacteristics are part of our essential ingredients to a successful development and early education plan Our Montessori room contains the five areas of the Montessori curriculum, language, culture, mathematics, sensorial, and practical life. Dr. Maria Montessori believed that, “we can give to each child the chance to fulfil their potential possibilities “.  We strive at Bluebells to provide an optimum environment and the tools to give each of our children that chance. Our Aistear/ Siolta play based room links Montessori with play. The environment reflects the principles of Aistear and standards of Siolta, where children learn through the medium of play. The room contains various areas of interest. Our outdoor environment Montessori highly emphasized the importance of Nature. She observed children working outside in Nature became, more introspective and developed skills in concentration. and patience. Nature benefits the child emotionally and affects them at a deeper level. At Bluebells we are particularly pleased to have a wonderful Outdoor Classroom. Our Outdoor Preschool benefits hugely from this. Our outdoor environment is a reflection of our indoor environment. 

The outdoor environment enhances and scaffolds the child’s learning journey. Our outdoor environment is an extension of the indoor environment and aids the child’s development through offering a program which supports the child’s holistic development. The garden comprises of a large playing area with many areas of interest and exploration, which include, A lunch area, story time area, a barn cafe, a mud kitchen, a sand house sensorial garden, a planting area, bugs hotel, a fairy garden, and a hut. Swings/ slide/climbing frame, a wheeled vehicle area, and water play. Children have the opportunity to investigate and explore while leading their own play. We as Early Years Educators extend their learning while supporting their needs Our large separate sports/ games area offers a shelter with activities for colder weather conditions. Children have freedom of movement and the benefits of being outside to the child’s overall well-being aid development. The sports and game area also enhances the child’s physical development Each child has an equal opportunity to participate in our adaptable environment


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