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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The first 5 years of a child’s life are the most crucial to their overall development.  Each area of the child’s development is interlinked, therefore when the child receives positive and loving care it fosters social and emotional development which in turn has an effect on the child’s overall development. The child is viewed as a whole and is therefore provided with a provision of care and education which fosters a holistic development and maximises the child’s overall well-being.

My Early Years Care and Education programme is underpinned by the UNCRC 1989, which is reflected and implemented throughout my practice. The rights of the child are a major part of our practice as they give the child a voice, instil respect, promote equality and embrace diversity.

Care and education are evident in the relationships between all in the setting.  Before children are to learn they must first be able to participate fully and trust their carers. These essential relationships are established through positive two way collaborations with both children and parents, and respect for the parents as the primary carers of their child. The children’s education is benefitted through provision of information which is then incorporated into the curriculum to support the child to reach their full potential.

My Theoretical foundation is influenced by Montessori, which focuses on children learning through movement, child-centred  and the whole child approach.  Providing children with opportunities to develop lifelong skills, independence, identity and belonging. These skills support children in becoming resilient competent people. We view the child as an active and component participant in their own learning. We work in partnership with the children , following their interests and building on their knowledge. The child is at the heart of the environment, which is adaptable to suit their strengths, abilities and needs to allow access and full participation of all children.

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